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Established in 2009, Liaoyang Besta Group has five wholly-owned or joint venture subsidiaries, including Liaoyang Besta Chemical Co., LTD., Besta Chemical Hangzhou Co., LTD., Liaoyang Besta Communication Engineering Co., LTD., Liaoyang Advertising Media Co., LTD., and Liaoyang Hongyan Supermarket. After nearly two decades of operation and development, the Group has gradually developed from commercial and real estate fields to industrial industries, and has become a large-scale private enterprise group with broad investment fields, outstanding main business and industrial and commercial integration in Liaoyang. As of 2013, the total assets of the Group reached 141 million yuan, and the main business sales reached 210 million yuan. The headquarters of the group is located in the scenic Prince River, the ancient city of Liaoyang with a long history. The high-speed train will be located in Shenyang half an hour economic circle, an hour away from the Taoxian airport can be accessible to all parts of the country, the geographical environment is superior, convenient transportation. Development Strategy The overall strategy of the Group is to take fine chemical industry as the industrial leader, commercial and communication engineering as the collaborative industrial development, implement the strategy of group operation and professional management, form the interactive development of various industries, and gradually move towards the capital market and internationalization. In terms of industrial structure, the Group has always put fine chemical industry as the core main business in the first place, and is committed to making the core business stronger and bigger. Fine chemical mainly takes the new fine chemical materials used in the field of green new energy as the main products, is committed to research and development, production and sales of lithium battery electrolyte and other fine and special chemicals, and also engages in high-grade green solvents such as dimethyl dibasic acid and fatty alcohol sodium catalyst products; Plastic products and plastic processing is the company's newly developed business; The commercial field is mainly devoted to operating large supermarkets, earning stable commercial income based on civilian consumption, and balancing the operation and development risks of the company's main business; The engineering business mainly focuses on modern communication engineering, and is committed to communication information network system integration Grade A and telecommunications engineering professional contracting; The advertising media field is mainly committed to creating a product promotion platform and information platform to serve the company's main business. The group adheres to the quality concept of first-class products and first-class service, and keeps making progress. Successively passed the national ISO9001:2000 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and won a number of honors at all levels of government and industry
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